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Exterior Bamboo

MOSO & DASSO Highest durability class

A special impregnation process provides Bamboo the highest biological durability class* possible, following EU norm EN 350. The beams or slats can be used for numerous outdoor applications.*) Durability Class 1 following EN350 / EN113, Use Class 3 following EN335

Cladding boards

Dasso XTR Fused Bamboo Lumbers and Panels are to be considered as solid lumber that comes slightly oversized and unfinished, so they can be sanded and worked on.  The material looks like wood, feels like wood and cuts like wood. They are generally S2S (Smooth 2 Side) without side treatment; though generally the sides are clean cut thus giving a true square edge on all side.  The materials are sanded on the surface to P180 sand paper just like all plywood and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard).  And like all lumbers and panels product, choose you side as expose surface carefully.  Both lumbers and panels comes with only one surface as AA grade and the other surface as CC grade.  When working with Fused Bamboo product, always assume you are working with natural tropical wood.  dasso XTR Fused Bamboo reacts like wood/bamboo except it is stronger, durable, more stable and fire resistance.  When working on fused bamboo, cuts, mills, glues and coats them as if you would do on a piece of hardwood (Ipe, Cumaru, Redwood or Cedar).  Use the same millwork tools and woodworking techniques you learn in wood technical schools.   A common tungsten carbide saw blade will be able to provide a clean cut on dasso XTR lumbers and panels.  The material itself is Class A Fire-rated, dimensionally stable, will not warp or buckle, zero VOC and no leaching


The Lumbers and Panels comes in 2 different colours and as always, the lighter Epic Cognac colour could be stained or painted over in semi-transparent polyurethane or solid colour polyurethane.   The fused bamboo product colours are throughout the thickness and are not skin deep. Always remember to follow coatings manufacturer application manual to get the best effect of finishes.  As with wood, fused bamboo would rich up in colour when a layer of coatings - Oil, Wax or Polyurethane - is applied to its surface.  Do not be surprised when a finished piece look different in colours to a unfinished bare fused bamboo.


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