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Not Oiled


Bamboo decking: the next generation

The slight,  central elevation of 1.5mm to the centre of the boards allows water to drain off the boards quickly, so the boards dry quickly and become less dirty. 


MOSO Bamboo X-treme is a high-density bamboo decking Curved board, made by compressing bamboo strips under high pressure. Bamboo X-treme is suitable for use in several outdoor applications, especially as bamboo decking. By using a special, patented heat treatment technology, this innovative bamboo decking product reaches the highest durability class possible in the appropriate EU norms (class 1 for EN-350). The same process increases the density of the bamboo decking – making it very hard. As with any other untreated tropical hardwood species, over time the bamboo decking boards of Bamboo X-treme will turn grey, creating a very natural look


Bamboo X-treme® Outdoor decking High Density® Thermo-Treated 155mmx1850mm x20mm

1 Square meter
  • 3.5 Boards per M2 (6.46lm/m2)

    • finish: NOT Oiled
    • edges: Bevel
    • colour: Chocolate
    • surface: Curved top face
    • head-side-tongue & groove: Yes
    • width-mm: 155
    • thickness-mm: 20
    • installation: With Fasteners
    • length-mm: 1850
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