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MOSO® Bamboo Forest: the forest on your floor

Innovative MOSO® product has lowest carbon footprint in the flooring market

MOSO® launches Bamboo Forest, the most authentic bamboo floor imaginable. By means of an innovative production process, the original round bamboo stem is flattened, creating an extremely hard and durable floor.

Arjen Veltman, commercial director of MOSO International:

“Normally we create bamboo flooring by pressing strips to boards. However, because of this production method, the authentic look of the bamboo stem is lost, which is why we decided to develop a floor in which this look is kept intact. For this unique product the bamboo stem is flattened through a special treatment and applied as toplayer in a massive 3-ply board. The result is a very resilient floor with the natural beauty of the bamboo plant. The surface of this floor consists of the extremely hard outer skin of the bamboo stem, which is so hard and wear proof that it is maintenance free - finishing with oil or lacquer is no longer necessary.”

Most sustainable floor in the market

Delft University of Technology and INBAR (International Network for Bamboo and Rattan), have executed an environmental impact (Life Cycle Assessment) study for various flooring types. The LCA report, which includes a full carbon footprint assessment, concludes that the assessed MOSO® bamboo flooring compared to other flooring types, has an improved environmental footprint and is even CO2 neutral or better (CO2 negative) over the full life cycle. In this assessment the advantages of giant bamboo at the resource side (rapid growth – high yield, annual harvesting – no deforestation) are not even taken into account.

The result is a very resilient floor with the natural beauty of the bamboo plant

Arjen Veltman

Commercial director of MOSO International

Because of the efficient production process, the MOSO® Bamboo Forest came out as best alternative from all available flooring types (including other bamboo flooring). Veltman: “in the production process of Bamboo Forest, the original bamboo bark is flattened in a very innovative and efficient process with hardly any waste and as little use of resin and energy as possible. Where the other bamboo products are already performing very well from an environmental point of view, this product is our flagship in terms of environmental performance, outperforming any other flooring product in the market, as the TU Delft report clearly points out."

Ideal for hospitality sector

Recently, bamboo has quickly gained interest in the interior decoration sector in applications such as flooring, table tops, wall covering and ceilings. Here the sustainability argument increasingly gains the interest it deserves.

Veltman: “Because of various innovations in the structure and finishing, bamboo flooring and panels are now available in far more styles and colors than in the past. Depending on the specific requirements of the customer, now one of the many options in bamboo can be chosen for a custom made solution. In that regard the MOSO® Bamboo Forest flooring is a perfect fit for intensively used spaces where a special, authentic atmosphere is required, such as in shop interiors, commercial centers, hotels and restaurants.”

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