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Bamboo Ultra Density  heavy duty flooring that withstands the toughest conditions

MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® is a solid bamboo flooring board made from compressed bamboo strips with an Ultra-High Density®. With a unique production method, the material is extremely stable, hard and durable and therefore suitable for the toughest conditions: in very high traffic areas and even in semi-outdoor (covered but not closed) areas. The boards are available unfinished, with rough-sanded faces, and have to be finished on site. The boards come with tongue and groove and a micro bevel on all four sides. This flooring type has to be installed screwed down on MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® sub-beams, or can be glued down.

The MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® Stair Panel is a solid bamboo board, made from compressed bamboo strips with an ultra-high density. The compression process makes the panels very dense, hard and stable. The product has been certified and the mechanical properties allow for structural application as stairs. Bamboo UltraDensity® Stair Panel is suitable for semi-outdoor covered areas and indoor applications (Use Class 3 / EN 335). These planks have a warm brown caramel colour.

1900mmx160mm18mmBF-DS206120mm BF-DS206032mmBF-DS1060
FinishUnfinished, smooth faceUnfinished, rough sandedUnfinished, rough sanded
EdgesMicro bevelBevelBevel
InstallationFully gluedFully glued or screwedScrewed
Floor heating/coolingYes, follow instructionsNoNo


Data Sheet


    Heavy duty flooring for semi-outdoor high traffic areas

    1 Square meter
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